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Tribute to Tina

Tribute to an icon

On May 25 - Tina Turner passed away.

I was always a big fan of her and she will remain so for a long time;

example and source of inspiration.

She had a boundless passion for life.

You have to be brave and strong to achieve such a gigantic success despite all the setbacks/challenges she has endured.

The Queen of Rock showed that you can achieve success on your own terms,

true to who you are. How beautiful is that!

Wise words

A few of her wise lessons

I have never disrespected myself, and I'm still very proud of myself

Self-respect was one of her top values.

The advice to her younger self:

Stay strong and continue wanting more and fighting for it all!

It will come, and it will be worth the wait!

Go for what you believe in!

What kept her young?

I believe we only know a fraction of what is out there and

I'm always curious, ready to explore and learn more.

That keeps me young!

Her inner child remains in charge.

Her secret to a life well lived

What does well-lived mean? My life has been full, but with lots of sad times that I now forgive and strive to forget. Maybe that's the answer: to keep moving forward, to let go, and aim to fill your life with love. That is where I am now and I am grateful.

Thank you Tina for being such a wonderful example.

I honor Thy !

Which of her adagios you take as an example,

may they bring you love, gratitude and success!

Together, we rise!

We rise by lifting each other!

PS: Were you also a fan of Tina? What did you find so fantastic about who she was?

In what way is she an example or source of inspiration for you?

I like reading it. Thanks for sharing it with the WiseWomenTribe in the comments..

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