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Boudoir Time

Connect and grow with like-minded women

I like connecting women in a circle, 

create a safe space and

to welcome whatever comes, for each of them.

A circle is a sacred space where

equals connect with each other and
learn and grow in a playful way. 

Female empowerment.

My Path

The discovery of circle work - women's circles and temples / heart circles -  started about 10 years ago, after my corporate career. I went exploring with women and also a man from various corners of the world (*).

From that melting pot, a form of its own has emerged - the Boudoir Time - in which I like to take women along. It has something serious & euphoric, sacred & playful, solemn & fun... 

Connecting to grow in playfulness....

(*) Chameli Ardagh (Temple Training - Norway)

Lisa Schrader (Shakti Oasis Circle - USA)

Rachael Jayne Groover (Art of the Feminine Trainings - Aussi)

Marcella Lobos (Munay-Ki - the Power of Love - Chile)

Tej Steiner (Heart Circles - USA)

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Growing with like-minded women?

Do you want to learn....

'To be' without conditions or excuses

sharing strength and vulnerability

without fear

be visible and be seen

dare to take more space

feel safe in who you are

feel supported...

Then this Circle is for you!


The Boudoir Time practical

At Boudoir Time we connect with a theme (e.g. the sacred space, being fully present, speaking your truth)

to grow in playfulness

I make extensive use of elements from various feminine traditions.


On (the scond) Sunday morning


At fine private locations in the green.

As a first introduction you can participate
at a fee 
of only €45.

After that, we have a multi-session card that is valid for one year.

Would you like to participate / explore / have any questions?

Contact me

or sign up hereform

I am flabbergasted at the impact it has on me. 

Of the love that was there that I could feel

The confidence that is there, just like that.

Age didn't matter, didn't make a difference.
I felt more powerful this week,

even if things didn't go well.


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