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Today, We Rise

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Today, We Rise!

The outside world is reflection of our inside world. Therefore, change begins from within. That is the only sustainable path.

We challenge ourselves and encourage each other to stand more for who we are and what we believe in: Today, We Rise !

Today, I Rise

In my years of exploration of the Feminine, in 2015 I was touched by a very inspiring video - Today, I Rise. A production by 2 women - credit where credit is due - Alexander Feldner and Agata Welz.

A video that invites women to walk the path inward, to connect intimately with their greatness, their creativity and their deep wisdom and share it with the world.

Some text excerpts from the video: Today I rise Without doubt or hesitation Without excuses Without procrastination I rise and shine and I am ready to go on my quest Today is my call to action I will fulfill my mission Without further distraction Today is the day! Today I will start To offer the world The Wisdom of my heart Be true to yourself today. Stand up for who you are and that which you believe in. Today!

Feel carried. We are many!

Warm women's greetings,


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