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A wonderful 2023!

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

I couldn't get my New Year's message on paper ...

The muse was visiting somewhere else ...

Apparently I had a big jump to make first ...

Last week I made a tough decision.

It was a rough ride of yes and no and yet again yes and yet again no more ...

What a lot of excuses a person pulls out to not do something.

The bigger the challenge, the longer the list.

There really seemed to be no end to it.

Until I started digging into the underlying fear: the fear of letting myself down!

Do you recognize that fear?

Letting yourself down...

Not standing up for what you really want / desire?

Not standing up for what you consider important / valuable?

Not bringing up what is needed?

The times I let myself down passed in review....

It made me painfully sad.

Would I go for what I wanted or would the terror hold me back?

Could I muster what it would take to keep focus for a year?

Do those things every day/week to achieve my goal?

Can I trust myself to do that?

Will I not let myself down?

Quite honestly, I couldn't just answer yes to that.

My biggest fear and equally my biggest pain.

I had to leave behind the smaller me who did not see that big jump.

A second painful realization. A part of myself that I had cherished all those years,

that had my best interests at heart, to leave behind...

Going for what I really wanted required a major growth spurt.

Could I allow a greater vision for myself?

Embody even more the baseline of my own business than I already did?

Empower Yourself to Rise!

Now - several days later - I look back on that whole process as "death and rebirth.

A grim death and a vulnerable rebirth.

It feels like a catharsis. Tired, lived but also grateful and fulfilled.

I am deeply grateful for the challenge, the process and the great growth spurt I was able to make.

It required staying close to myself, listening to what was on the inside.

Knowing and trusting that I must take the step to make the next one visible.

It will be a wonderful 2023 !

That is what I wholeheartedly wish for you too.

May 2023 truly be a miraculous year for you!

Very warmly,

ruth Bracke


PS: Do you recognize that feeling of letting yourself down: small or big?

From not keeping your "no more sugar in the week" resolution to

not standing up for yourself enough in a relationship or at work?

Leave me a comment. I'd love to hear about it!

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