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7 lessons in empowerment

This summer I went on holiday alone. That hadn't happened since my son was born. He is now 25.

The experience immediately yielded 7 overcome yourself lessons:

1. Doing things that make you feel a bit anxious greatly strengthens your resilience and self-confidence

2. Doing things alone that are outside your comfort zone are even bigger boosters of your growth potential.

3. You don't have to start with a seven-league boots challenge like I did, a small step works just as well. Trying an unknown path is enough.

4. Curiosity is your best ally. Being curious about what it brings, where it leads, helps enormously to overcome your fear.

5. Celebrate your victory - no matter how small - to lock in your winnings.

6. The reward doesn't have to be great. Something you intensely enjoy.

7. Doing small courageous things and cashing in on the profits makes you want to take on new challenges.

It has strengthened my inner strength and the pleasure of exploring!

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