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Embrace your uniqueness so you authentically and confidently take the lead, be seen and heard, and make the impact you desire.

Wise Women 

From feeling lived to living life fully

Many women yearn for a life with more art of living and quality of life.

As a Wise Woman you therefore consciously choose more

self-knowledge and self-insight. 

From there you make a difference in your life and that of others.

You are more aware, freer, more relaxed and honest with yourself.

You are fully present and therefore bring others closer to their core.


To which I feel called ...

I help women to empower themselves. Women, driven and passionate about their work, but also lived by the many roles and responsibilities on their plate. Their work dominates everything, even their family and that is what they want to change.
They want peace of mind and space in their lives. Space for relaxation and enjoyment, for themselves and their families.

They want to experience freedom, power and impact and live life to the fullest.

The first step from feeling lived to coming home to yourself is inner peace. Do you feel that you are ready for that change and would you like help with that, contact me! With a proven 5-step plan I will take you where you want to be.

Ruth met een veulen dat nieuwsgierig haar bril onderzoekt

How to co-operate with me?


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Wise Women Tribe

Together We Rise

 Refreshing inspiration and insights about empowerment, personal & leadership development, powerful connecting ...

Among Women


Boudoir Time

Serious & Euphoric

Solemn & Pleasant

Sacred & Playful


1 to 1

Today, I Rise

From the stillness within,

 rise strong and wise!

Embrace your uniqueness, be seen and heard and connect in a confident and authenttic way.


1to1 and in small groups




Ruth Brake

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