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Today, I Rise

Today, I Rise

is an intensive tailor-made empowerment process

for driven and passionate women who feel lived by their work, strong on the outside and insecure on the inside.


I help you find peace in your head and space in your life so that you connect relaxed, authentic and self-confident and make the impact you desire,
private and professional.Powerful from within.

My work dominates everything, even my family.

It gives tensions with my partner and I don't want that anymore.

Inner peace for enterprising women

Where to start?

we start with an exploratory conversation

an introduction and a deeper exploration of your question.

what you experience as challenges today, what keeps you awake at night

but whatever else you want... 

Schedule your exploratory meeting HERE

If there is a click for both...

we set up a plan for 6 months of intensive 1on1 guidance.

Inner peace starts with insight into yourself.

We therefore start from your own foundation, your own values, your core.

The further steps: the way in

I'll help you break down the barriers
trust yourself and

to feel strong in who you are.
You experience the impact of being true to yourself,

of making choices that suit you and make you happy

and of setting boundaries that create space.

You feel in your strength and confidently go for what you believe in.

The result

You experience the freedom to express yourself authentically and relaxed in all roles, to be fully present and to enjoy time for yourself, your family and your work.

From your inner peace, space is created for yourself and the other.

Space in which new possibilities can arise.

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