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Women's circles

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We have more control over our lives  than we think. Just 'thinking' often gets in the way when we want to create something.

The Manifestation Circle uses the power of the group to condense thoughts into matter. By shifting attention to the other, we avoid ourselves and magic arises for you and us together.

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Boudoir Time

The Boudoir Time brings together women who want to connect and grow with like-minded people.


Do you want to learn..

'Be' without conditions or excuses
Sharing strength and vulnerability without fear

Be visible and be seen

Dare to take more space

Feeling safe in who you are

Knowing you behave...

Then this Circle is for you!

I am flabbergasted at the impact it has on me. 

Of the love that was there that I could feel

The confidence that is there, just like that.

Age didn't matter, didn't make a difference.
I felt more powerful this week, even when things weren't going well.


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